Posters shall be prepared by authors themselves and paste onto the boards located in the central hall on the first floor of the meeting area.  The poster visit time will be at the end of first day before reception. Please get ready before that.
      Poster specification: A1, width 594mm, Height 841mm;  double-sided tape will be available onsite. 

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Lift of poster paper
1 Noise analysis of insect-scale flapping wing with fluid structure interaction A0218
Yueyang Guo, Wenqing Yang, Yuanbo Dong, Jinzhi Luo
Northwestern Polytechnical University
2 Investigations on Sonic Boom Mitigation Effect for Supersonic Transport Based on Quiet Spike A0416
Zuo-tai Li, Shu-sheng Chen, De-yuan Liu, Pin-peng Zeng, Mu-liang Jia, Zheng-hong Gao
Northwestern Polytechnical University
Advanced Computational Methods in MultiPhysics Coupled Analysis
1 A hybrid time synchronization optimization scheme for onboard payloads with independent clock A0181
Yu Chen
Beihang University
2 Simulation analysis on flow field of aircraft hydraulics bent pipe with Guide Vane A0424
Dingbo Li, Xiaochao Liu, Rui Nie, Peiyao Hou, Honghui Liao
Beihang University
Aerodynamic Design and Optimization
1 Effect of Large Stagger Angle Endwall on Secondary Losses in a High-Lift Turbine A0288
Fanyan Meng, Weitao Hou, Weidong Shao
AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co. , LTD
Aeronautical Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies
1 Experimental investigation in vibration polishing of ZL205A A0579
Qingliang Zhang
AVIC Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft Systems (AVIC NEIAS)
Aerospace Structure Optimization
1 Coupling Evaluation Model of abnormal Flight recovery Strategy A0179
Yujie Wan
2 Comprehensive optimization technology for composite flexible skin structures with zero Poisson's ratio honeycomb A0223
Yuchao Guo, Sen Ai, Chen Song, Xiaohua Nie, Liang Chang, Chaofeng Zhang
National Key Laboratory of Strength and Structural Integrity Aircraft Strength Research Institute of China
Aircraft, Helicopter and UAV Design
1 Thrust performance prediction of scramjet nozzle based on depth neural network A0135
Dong Wang, Dong Wang, Junjie Miao, Xin Jin
Department of Thermal Science and Energy Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China;Yangzhou Collaborative Innovation Research Institute Co, Ltd, Shenyang Aircraft Design and Research Institute
2 Analysis of aeroelastic stability and parameters influence of tiltrotor aircraft in forward flight A0165
Lixiong Zheng, Bo Wang
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
3 Aerodynamic Investigation of a New Layout for eVTOL Aircraft A0197
Guotao Chen, Jun Chow, Xiaotao Qiao
School of Aerospace Engineering,Xiamen University
4 Deep learning based fast prediction and optimization of aerodynamic performance for a propeller with gurney flap A0210
Liu Liu, Zeming Gao, Tianqi Wang, Jun Li, Lifang Zeng, Xueming Shao
zhejiang university
5 Comparison Design and Performance Analysis of Aerodynamic Configuration for Swarm Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Rotate-Morphing Wing A0334
Wenbiao Gan, Xianzhi Zhang, Zhenjie Zuo, Yi Zhang
Research Institute of Unmanned System, Beihang University
6 Control mechanism and aerodynamic characteristics of rotor using active camber deformation A0365
Jiahui Liang, Qijun Zhao
National Key Laboratory of Helicopter Aeromechanics
7 A Method of MCT Determination for civil aircraft Based on Scene Analysis A0366
Xiyue Zhou, Yue Wang
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design & Research Institute
8 Research on Jig Shape Design of Deployable Missile Wings based on CFD CSD coupling method A0404
Yuntao Xu, Chao Yang, Yuting Dai, Qiang Wang
School of Aeronautic Science and EngineeringBeihang Univercity;Beijing Institute of Mechanical and electrical engineering
9 The Influence of Design Space Size on the Performance of Aerodynamic Optimization Design Methods A0420
Yanhui Duan, Yihua Wang
School of Systems Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University
10 Fluctuation reduction of civil aircraft vent fuel tank NACA inlet flow A0435
Lei Wang, Shirui Zhou, Kaili Liu, Xiaoli Jiang, Fanghan Lu, Jinjie Tang
Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute
11 An Aeronautical System Functional Logic Co-simulation Method Crossing Muti-Architecture Levels in the MBSE Approach A0440
Yuqiang Guo, Junxian Guo
China Helicopter Research and Development Institute
12 Tradeoff between swarm effectiveness and economic efficiency in UAV design optimization study A0485
Shanshan Long, Xiaojia Zhao
College of Aerospace Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
13 Robust Optimization Design of Flying Wing Considering Influence of Propulsion System A0627
Yiwen Wang, Yayun Shi
Northwestern Polytechnical University
14 A Study on Compliance for 150kg Class Small Unmanned Aircraft A0725
Minsu Park, Chang-sun Yoo, Won-joong Lee
Korea Aerospace Research Institute
15 Multi-Objective Aerodynamic Optimization for Telescopic Wings Considering Space Constraints A0731
Jiaxue Wu, Min Chang, Zhongyuan Zheng, Junqiang Bai
Northwestern Polytechnical University
16 Investigation of helicopter rotor aerodynamic characteristics in vortex ring state with viscous vortex particle method A0299
Zeming Gao, Liu Liu, Lifang Zeng, Xueming Shao, Jun Li
Zhejiang University
1 Methods for Combination Optimization of Flight Routes and Flight Altitude Considering Restrictions in Free Route Airspace A0708
Na Wang, Zhiqiang Wei, Luhuan Wei, Yi Hui
Civil Aviation University of China
Composite Structures
1 Application and Research of Composite Parts Manufacturing and Assembly on Aircraft Engine nacelle Torque Box A0064
Shengxiong Li, Shengxiong Li, Jian Zhou, Zeyan Li, Deliang Li
Civil aircraft and subcontract project Department, Avic Xi 'an Aircraft Industry Group Co., LTD.,
2 Research on tensile strength and fatigue properties of GLARE laminate A0166
Weitian Zhang
China Harbin Hafei Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.
3 The preparation and properties study of the microwave absorbing honeycomb based dielectric loss aramid paper A0172
Zhen Jia, Lichun Chen, Maowei Yang, Tao Su, Junxia Tian, Lixin Xuan
Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), Research Institute for Special Structures of Aeronautical Composites
4 Vibration Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates with Delamination Damage A0201
shuangman xia, zhirui wang, changliang lin, haibin xu
Harbin aircraft industry group co .ltd
Computational Fluid Dynamics
1 Study on the supersonic multi-physical mechanism SST turbulence model A0075
Hongbo Wang, Yu Zeng
Science and Technology on Scramjet Laboratory, College of Aerospace Science, National University of Defense Tech-nology
2 Numerical Study of Flow and Heat Transfer in a Cavity by Lattice Boltzmann Method A0085
Xinyu Meng, Bo An, Weimin Sang
Northwestern Polytechnical University
3 Enhancing Flapping Wing Propulsion in Symmetric Forward Flight through Dynamic twisting: A Numerical Investigation A0138
Yuanbo Dong, Bifeng Song, Wenqing Yang, Dong Xue
Northwestern Polytechnical University
4 Influence of model scale on wave landing characteristics of seaplane A0216
Qing Wen
AVIC General HUANAN Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd.
5 Numerical analysis on the characteristics of the exhaust plume during the re-entry phase of vertical landing reusable launch vehicle under different altitude A0314
Dehua Cao, Zhitan Zhou, Yiqing Li, Ranhui Liang, Taiyu Cao
Nanchang Hangkong University
6 Design Method and Performance Analysis of Wide-Speed Waverider using Internal Conical Flow A0347
Xufei Meng, Peng Bai, Chuanzhen Liu
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
7 Analysis of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Airfoil with Variable Camber Based on ADHF and DND High Lift Devices A0388
Chen Zhai
Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute
8 Research on aerodynamic noise control technology of aircraft refueling tube A0523
Jingyu He, Jingyu He
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
9 Numerical Investigation on Effects of Nonaxisymmetric Vectoring Nozzle on the Aerodynamic Performance of Afterbody A0542
Zhi-chen Yang, Jing-yu He
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
10 Study on Matching Characteristics of Pre-cooling Air Turbo Rocket Engine A0548
Yunlong Wang, Huihui Miao, Xiaotian Zhao, Xuejun Yong, Yi Wang, Yi Liu, Yuan Ma, Jinxin Liu, Xiangyi Nan
Xi 'an Jiaotong University
11 Shock-fitting Spectral Element Method for Baseflow Computation in Hypersonic Stability Analysis A0593
Peisen Lu, Youcheng Xi, Jiamiao Sun, Song Fu
Tsinghua University
12 Data-driven prediction method of tactical missile aerodynamic characteristics A0677
Ling Zhou, Jiazhe Lin, Zhu Zhou, Pin Wu, Mou Fu, Tao Tang
China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center
13 Unsteady aerodynamics shape optimization of a vertical axis wind turbine under the framework of DAFoam A0231
Feng Chen, Xiaoming Cheng, Kai Zhang, Ying Chen, Xinyu Zhang
China Ship Scientific Research Center
14 Influence of scale effect on aerodynamic performance prediction of WIG craft A0367
Danping Ma, Feng Chen, Yajun Shi
China Ship Scientific Research Center
Cooling Systems
1 Operation Optimization for Cooling System of Large Aircraft A0168
Ma Huicai
Aviation Industry Corporation of China-The First Aircraft Institute
2 Performance analysis of turbofan engine integrated modulated pre-swirl system A0362
Jiafan Guo, Peng Liu
School of Energy and Power Engineering, Beihang University
3 Assessment of modulated pre-swirl system in the turbofan engine by a multi-dimensional coupled model A0363
Chenghao Wang, Peng Liu, Tian Qiu, Shuiting Ding
Research Institute of Aero-Engine, Beihang University
4 Transient Simulation on Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Aeroengine Fuel-Oil Thermal Management System A0389
Shiyu Yang, Yuanfang Lin, Xianghua Xu, Xingang Liang
Tsinghua University
5 Experimental study on start-up characteristics of a high-temperature liquid metal heat pipe with fins A0643
Zhi-Hu Xue, Wei Qu
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
1 Deep learning-based thrust prediction methodology for solid rocket motor A0296
Mingze Xu, Huixin Yang, Xu Wang, Shangshang Zheng, Wei Zhang
Shenyang Aerospace University
2 Study on the fault diagnosis method of compressor instability by fusing multiple time domain feature parameters A0310
Yuxi Chen, Mingsui Yang, Zhibo Zhang, Meng Wang, Bobo Jia
Shenyang Engine Research Institute
3 A hybrid corrected parameter based method for aero-engine full envelope acceleration schedule design based on multilayer perceptron network A0379
Kang Wang, Maojun Xu, Ming Li, Jia Geng, Zhiping Song
School of Mechanical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University
4 A Real-time Engine Component-level Model Solving Method Based on Multilayer Perceptron A0427
Bei Liu, Hang Zhao, Kang Wang, Ming Li, Zhiping Song
Xi 'an Jiaotong University
5 Overall Performance of High-Flow Fan/Ramjet Integrated Engine A0456
Hailong Feng, Zhiping Song
Xi'an  JiaoTong University
6 Modeling and Performance Study of Pre-cooling Air Turbo Rocket Engine in the Air-breathing Mode A0537
Xiaotian Zhao, Hongwei Mao, Haibo Ma, Xiangyi Nan, Yuan Ma, Yunlong Wang, Jinxin Liu
Xi'an Jiaotong University
7 Characteristics of the Effective Cross-Section Area Reduction of the Turbine Nozzle Throat and Engine Performance of KSLV-II A0559
Changho Nam
Korea Aerospace Research Institute
8 A Fusion Control Method for Three Dissimilar Acceleration Schedules of Aircraft Engine A0668
Xinhai Zhang, Jia Geng
Xi'an Jiaotong University
Flight Simulation
1 Research on Virtual Test Flight and Safety Perception Technology of civil aircraft A0240
hongyu Qiao, Shuanghou Deng
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
2 Maneuverability and Agility Evaluation of Fighter Based on Beck Metrics A0298
Tao Liu, Yihai Li
Chinese Flight Test Establishment
3 Research on airworthiness test technology of engineering simulator based on high risk subjects A0649
Kui Xu
Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute , Shanghai, Country
3 Configuration Optimization and Tension Distribution of Cable-Driven Motion Simulation Platform A0506
Haixiang Huang, Yaoxing Shang, Xiaochao Liu
Beihang university
Guidance and Control
1 High Plateau Life-saving and State Transition Boundary of Passenger Based on Rocket Ejection Seat A0095
Wentao Tan, Jingyu Wang
Aerospace Life-support Industries, Ltd China
2 Three-dimensional distributed affine formation maneuver control of fixed-wing UAV swarm with actuator faults and saturation constraints A0255
Boyu Qin, Dong Zhang, Shuo Tang, Yang Xu
Northwestern Polytechnical University
3 Crawl and FlyA Crawling Mechatronics Design for Bionic Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicle A0293
ZhengMiao Yuan, Wenqing Yang, Jianlin Xuan
Northwestern Polytechnical University
4 Adaptive Backstepping Control of Morphing Aircraft Based on RBF Neural Networks A0351
YIheng li, Dawei Liu, Qunli Xia
Beijing Institute of Technology
5 Research on Multi-UAV Trajectory Planning Driven by Multi-Dynamic Mission Based on Navigation Vector Field Method A0441
Mengyang Wang, Dong Zhang, Zhi Ren, Jinbo Fu, Tinghui Wang
School of Astronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University
6 Analysis of Solution Space for Heterogeneous Multi-UAV Cooperative Task Planning in SEAD Scenarios A0450
Jianfeng Wang, Gaowei Jia, Ke Yu, Hongbo Xin, Zheng Guo, Zhongxi Hou
National University of Defense Technology
7 Online Trajectory Planning of Morphing Vehicle Based on Sequential Convex Programming A0471
Guodong Cai, Jiankai Qin, Kai Luo, Zhe Liu
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
8 Tight Formation Control Method of Fixed-wing UAVs Using Induced Velocity Field A0522
Chaoran Li, Yi Li
School of Astronautics NPU, Northwestern Polytechnic University
9 Research on Route planning Method based on Rescue-helicopter A0582
Fei Yu, yanbo sun
Aircraft Design and Research Institute, Harbin Aircraft Industry Group CO., LTD.
10 Model-Switching Trajectory Tracking Control of Helicopter Based on LQR Method A0591
Kaixuan Huang, Qijun Zhao
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
11 Uncertain Task Planning Based on Neighborhood Search for Heterogeneous Multi-UAV within SEAD Scenarios A0618
Jianfeng Wang, Gaowei Jia, Ke Yu, Zheng Guo, Zhongxi Hou
National University of Defense Technology
12 Online Trajectory Planning Method for Improving Collaborative Localization Accuracy in UAV Swarm A0393
Dong Zhang, Jin Bo Fu, Meng Yang Wang, Zhi Ren
Northwestern Polytechnical University
13 Design of Thrust Control System for Spacecraft considering Orbital Maneuver A0701
Hyunju Lee, Jisu Lee, Guiman Kim, Sangchul lee
Korea Aerospace University
14 A Vision-based Close Approach for KITSAT-1 Capture A0705
Taejin Chung, Chiwook Oh, Soongoo Kim
15 RNN-Attention Hybrid Model to Solve Vehicle Routing Problem A0220
Beomjin Gwon, Jaemyung Ahn
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Key Technologies of Next Generation Supersonic Civil Transport
1 A digital-twin assisted simulation model for the electromechanical system of aircraft A0408
Dan Shan
Chengdu Aircraft Design and Research Institute
1 Research on L-band interference Detection based on UAV aerial monitoring system A0203
Chang Fu, Jun Ma, Yunshan Xu, Dongdong Zhu, Zongyan Sun
Aircraft Design and Research Institute of Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co.
2 Review of Collaborative Navigation Technology A0605
Tinghui Wang, Dong Zhang, Zhi Ren, Shuo Tang, Minglei Du
School of Astronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University
Novel Aircraft Design
1 Overall Design of a Submarine Launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle A0222
Furong Li, Zhanke Li
Northwestern Polytechnical University
2 Research on Data Standardization of Airborne Embedded Equipment Based on IPMI A0454
Yangyang Zhao, Wei Niu, hua Ma
Aeronautics Computing Technique Research Institute, AVIC
Propulsion System Design
1 Effect of High Temperature Steam Inhalation on Aeroengine Performance A0359
Jianping Shen, Min Chen, Lei Chen
School of Energy and Power Engineering, Beihang University
Sensors and Actuators
1 Thermal Characteristics Analysis of Local Electro-Hydraulic Energy Components for More Electric Aircraft A0525
Gu Yi, Mengting Fu
China Airborne Missile Academy
Smart Structures
1 Investigation of smart nano rotor with continuous trailing edge flap driven by electroactive polymer A0259
Zihan Kang, Zhen Liu
State Key Laboratory for Strength and Vibration of Mechanical Structures, Xi’an Jiaotong University
Spacecraft Propulsion
1 Numerical simulation of the electrode degradation effect on Faraday MHD accelerator A0371
Zhu Guiping, Liao Ying ke, Wang Jie
Guilin University Of Aerospace Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Stochastic Modeling and Simulation Towards Sustainable Air Traffic Management
1 Modeling and analysis of forest fire extinguishing for special aircraft A0160
Mengqin Dong, Wenqing Yang
Northwestern Polytechnical University
Structural Analysis
1 Reliability Analysis of Propeller Blade Structure Based on Response Surface Method A0150
Ran Xia, Bingbing Liu, Jingbo Yu, Guojian Kang
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
2 Design of Additive Discontinuous Lattice-stiffener Wing Structure A0196
Xiaoya Zheng
School of Astronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University
3 Prospect of Aero Engine Technology based on “Carbon peaking and Carbon neutrality” A0253
Xiao Liang, Wei Sun, Qingchao Sun, Jian Song
AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co. , LTD
4 Study on Simulated Impact Test between Bird and Inlet Wall A0264
Haiyang Zhang
AECC Shenyang Engine Design and Research Institute
5 Investigation of Vibration Characteristics of Wind Tunnel Rigid Model Based on Material Optimization A0317
SiPeng Li, Yue Xu
AVIC Aerodynamics Research Institute
6 Evaluation of Microstructures and Mechanical properties of TC11 Alloy Fabricated via Laser Melting Deposition and Subsequent Double Annealing A0376
Jiawei Yan, Suming Chen, Haojun Wang, Kun He, Ruidi Qi, Juan Ye
AVIC Xi’AN Aircraft Industry Group Company Ltd
Structural Dynamics and Control
1 Research on optimization design method of autonomous deformation decision for intelligent morphing aircraft A0057
Dan Xu
Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
2 Coupling Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of A Dual-rotor Aeroengine A0066
Xiaofei DING, Mingfu LIAO, Zengde SHAO, Yixiong LIU
Shenyang Engine Research Institute;School of Power and Energy, Northwestern Polytechnical University
3 Research on Dynamic Response Law of an Aeroengine Rotor under Impact Load A0106
Weijian Nie
Beihang University
4 Parameters Sensitivity Study on Dynamic Characteristics of Turbofan Engine Mounting System A0183
Chunlan Chen, Qun Yan
Aircraft Strength Research Institute of China
5 Compressive mechanical property of artificial hail under intermediate strain rates A0615
Yujing Ge
Aircraft Strength Research Institute of China
Structural Testing
1 Turbine Blade Fracture Test Method Based on Civil Aircraft Airworthiness Requirements A0117
Weijian Nie
AECC Hunan Aviation Powerplant Research Institute
2 Analysis and Design of an Impulse Pressure Test System for Aviation Hydraulic Accessories A0144
Yufei Li, Yanyan Huai
Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
3 A Basic Study on Gas Metal Arc Welding  in Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing A0230
Hyung-Kook Kim
Changwon Moonsung University
4 Technology of Static Test for Slat on large-aspect-ration wing A0307
Bing Liu
AVIC Aircraft Strength Research Institute of china
5 Probability Prediction of Multiple Site Damage Cracks of Butt Jointing Structure A0434
CHI Xin, Liao Jiang-hai, Yang Jun
Aircraft Strength Research Institute of China
6 Anomaly location model for aircraft intensity detection based on multi-source data fusion A0654
Jiaojiao Chen, jiaojiao Chen
Aircraft strength research institute of china
Unsteady Aerodynamics
1 Analysis of the Influence of Structural Parameters on the Aeroelastic Stability of Rotor Blades A0200
Shuangman Xia, Yong Wang, Changliang Lin, Gang Wang
Harbin aircraft industry group co .ltd
2 The Ground Effect of a Seaplane in proximity to Oblique Waves A0276
Ke Wu, Tianhang Xiao
Nanjing University of  Aeronautics and Astronautics
3 Numerical Study of Two-Stage-to-Obit Spacecraft Interstage Separation Mode A0410
Quan-feng Jiang, Shu-sheng Chen, Hua Yang, Pin-peng Zeng, Mu-liang Jia, Zheng-hong Gao
School of Aeronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University
4 Study on the Multi Propeller-wing Interaction using Unsteady Vortex Lattice-Vortex Particle A0714
Inseo Choi, Cheolheui Han
Korea National University of Transportation
5 Unsteady Aerodynamic Characteristics of an Airfoil Due to the Frequency Ratio Between the Heave and Pitch Oscillations A0715
Seunghwan Ji, Cheolheui Han
Korea National University of Transportation
Urban Air Mobility
1 Optimizing UAM Vertiport Location in Jeju Island: Incorporating Noise for Public Utility A0153
Jimin Choi, Jaemyung Ahn, Jeonghun Lee, Euihyeon Choi
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Wind Tunnel Testing
1 Experimental Investigation and Aerodynamic Analysis of Supercooled Large Droplets A0123
Fukun Zhang, Si Li
AVIC Aerodynamic Research InstituteARI
2 Aerodynamic Characteristics of Mars Lander Configuration A0182
Wang Hui lun, Shen Jun mou, Yao Dapeng, Ji Feng, Chen Xing, Li Qi
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
3 Preliminary research of water dropping wind tunnel test of the amphibious aircraft A0236
KangZhi Yang
AVIC General HuaNan Aircraft Industry Co. ,LTD
4 Coupling Environment Experiment Technique of Radiation and Convection Aerodynamic Heating in Wind Tunnel A0263
Yuxiang Liu, Denghao Jiang
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
5 Numerical study of the wedge model structure effect on the surface pressure fluctuation A0268
Xinguo Sha, Liye Song, Haiyan Li, Xiaotian Shi, Feng Ji
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
6 Experimental research in non-equilibrium thermochemistry diagnosis of high enthalpy flow field A0273
Huazhen Song
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
7 High Enthalpy Flow Simulation and Wall Catalytic Effect Study in Arc Wind Tunnel A0278
Kai Zhou, Jianying Wu, Xiaopeng Li
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
8 Establish and diagnosis of Mars entry environment in shock tunnel A0325
Dapeng Yao, Junmou Shen
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
9 Applicability Analysis of High-speed Camera Calibration Methods in Different Test Scenarios A0428
Xiang Liu
Aerospace Life-Support Industries, Ltd.
10 The Research on the Influence Law of Structural Parameters of Open Testing Section on Noise A0538
Tianqi Chen
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamic
11 The study of model dropping test technology in High-speed wind tunnel driven by gas and electromagnetic force A0622
Shuai Wang
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
12 Wind tunnel test verification method for effects of propeller slipstream and blown flaps on lift A0697
Runsheng He, Jingfei Liu
AVIC Aerodynaiviics Research Institute
13 Design and Experiment Study of Coanda Profile at Airfoil Trailing Edge A0711
Hongyang Liu, Zhu Zhou, Yong Huang, Chao Song, Buyuan Hu, Yonggang Yu
China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center
Added poster paper
(This list includes late registered papers, which were not printed in the hard copy program.)
1 Experiment Study on Interference Aerodynamic Characteristics of Aft Ejection Separation of Rudder-Controlled Missiles A0417
Bin Wu, Jianming Fu
Shanghai Electro-Mechanical Engineering Institute
2 Application of the Improved JAYA Algorithm in Searching the Worst Mistuning Patterns for the Splittered Impeller A0609
Kaicheng Liu, Zhaoyu Liu, Yingliang Yan
Beijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute 
3 Design and Research of Aero-engine State Monitoring System A0206
Wen Yan, Jianping Zhao, Wei Niu
Shanghai Aero Measurement Controlling Research Institute, Aviation Key Laboratory Science of Technology on Fault diagnosis and Health Management, Xi'an Aeronautics Computing Technique Research Institute
4 Wall pressure fluctuation on the aircraft fuselage: Part 1 flight test and analysis of anomalies A0290
Sun Yifeng, Cen Yipeng, Gu Shuqing, Song Xiao, Li Caihua, Breard Cyrille
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, COMAC Flight Test Center, Beihang University
5 Wall pressure fluctuation on the aircraft fuselage: Part 2 Impact of sensor wake on the spectrum A0300
Gu Shuqing, Breard Cyrille, Cen Yipeng, Song Xiao, Sun Yifeng
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, Beihang University
6 Research on Lateral unmatched nonlinear Control  of UAV Based on L1 Adaptive Control Theory A0058
Liangliang Wang, Shuang Zhang, Dong Wang
Xi’an Aeronautics Computing Technique Research Institute
7 Using Flight Simulator as an Effective Tool for Pilots' Workload Assessment Certification Tests A0105
Shasha Lu
Shanghai Aircraft Design & Research Institute
8 A Practical Method for Human Factor Assessment Scenario Development A0252
Yao Zhu, Xinrong Liu, Pengyu Yang
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design & Research Institute, COMAC Shanghai Aviation Industrial (Group) Co,Ltd
9 Accurate Weight Prediction of a New Aircraft's Electrical System Based on Neural Network A0277
Juhong Dang, Yining Gao
AVIC The First Aircraft Institute 
10 A Design of Civil Aircraft High Frequency Antenna for Laboratory Test A0349
Xin Tu, Kaikai Si
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design & Research Institute
11 Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Decision Making for Six Degree of Freedom UCAV Close Range Air Combat A0400
Pan Zhou, Ni Li, Jiangtao Huang, Sheng Zhang, Xiaoyu Zhou, Gang Liu
Northwestern Polytechnical University, China Aerodynamic Research and Development Center
12 Research on Building Aircraft Level Test Platform Technology through Interconnected Systems A0495
Na Xu, Chen Wu, Huanyu Wang, Kai Zheng
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design & Research Institute
13 Optimization Design of Distributed Propeller Position Based on MOEA/D Algorithm A0521
Chen Xian, Wang Yuanyuan, Yu Longzhou, Huang Jiangtao, He Chengjun, Shu Bowen
China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center, China Aviation Industry Development Research Center
14 Model and Simulation of Two-Phase transpiration Cooling Process for Aero-engine Thermal Protection A0541
Lina Zhang, Yiming Zhang, Jingchuan Sun, Guoqiang Xu, Jie Wen
Beihang university,
15 Investigation on the each stage pressure ratio and valve dynamic characteristics in multistage compressor A0694
Jun Guo, Wenjie Fan, Zhifang Jian, Haichao Chen, Tao Wang
Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft System, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry
16 Adjoint-based RCS Surface Sensitivity Calculation and Aero/RCS Optimization A0707
ZHOU Lin, CHEN Xian, HUANG Jiangtao, DENG Jun, GAO Zhenghong
China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center, Northwestern Polytechnical University
17 Comparison of Perspective Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Configurations A0257
Andrey Tkachenko, Aleksandr Vinogradov, Wei Zhang, Peng Sun
Samara National Research University, AVIC Aircraft Strength Research Institute
18 Experimental investigation on the circular cylindrical cavity noise at the locked-on state A0301
Yifeng Sun, Peiqing Liu, Fengzhi Fan, Hao Guo
Beihang University
19 Experimental investigation on facing rim cavities by filling treatments A0126
Liang Xu, Hao Guo, Yi feng Sun
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Development and Research Institute, Beihang University