From Sanya Phonix International Airport (66KM)

By taxi (highly recommended) : 
It takes about 1 hour and 230 RMB.  Please exchange Chinese Yuan for use. Other currency is not applicable in China. There is the sign for taxi stop at the airport. Please follow the sign and wait for the taxi. The maximum capacity is 4 passengers. If there are suitcases, three or less than three will be better. The driver may not speak English, please show him/her the below picture. Please do not get off the taxi until you reach the back door of the venue hotel lobby as there is another hotel nearby with a very similar name. The driver may wrongly drop you there. If you do get lost, please call the hotel reception desk at: 86 0898 83388666 for help.

By reserved transportation (highly recommended):
If you arrive as a large group, we can help arrange airport transportation at your own cost (pay Chinese Yuan to the driver upon arrival at the venue hotel). Please contact the liaison   person from your country for coming together.

Prof. Eri Itoh ,
Prof. Lei Zhong,

Dr. Hong ,
Prof. Jinyoung Suk ,

AeS Australian Division:  
Prof. Cees Bil,

By  shuttle bus (not recommended for foreign delegates) : 
The shuttle bus service is available for venue hotel lodgers. Please call 86 0898 83388666 to reserve your seat ahead of time. The time schedule is as follows. Our volunteer will get the passenger information from the hotel reception desk and help guide you to the shuttle bus station. Please do tell the reception desk your arrival flight so he or she may suggest you the right bus time. In case your flight is late or else, the shuttle bus will not wait. You shall go to the hotel by taxi.

We do not recommend shuttle bus for foreign delegates who do not speak Chinese. It may add difficulties to your trip.


  1. Be sure to book tickets in advance and choose the bus station, the bus can be booked 20 minutes before the departure, please sit according to the seat number;
  2. If there is no reservation in the reservation system before departure, the bus will not be scheduled;
  3. The specific stop and arrival time of each station is according to the actual situation, if more passengers or traffic jams and other conditions lead to a longer stop time at individual stations, it may result in subsequent stations and schedule discrepancy;
  4. Shuttle bus is for phased service, non-permanent service. Please call to make a reservation: 0898-83388666- transfer to the concierge.

By hotel limousine:
Please call the hotel reception desk at 86 0898 83388666 to book a car. The price will be provided by the hotel.


From Lingshui CRH(China Railway Highspeed) station(21KM)

By taxi: about 0.5 hour:
The CRH is available at both Sanya and Haikou airport. For foreign delegates, we recommend you to arrive in Sanya and get to the hotel from Sanya airport to the venue hotel directly to reduce risks and troubles.